Friday, May 10, 2013

I love documentaries, in fact the bulk of what I watch these days are documentaries.  I got rid of Direct TV over a year ago and now I stream Netflix, via Roku.  They have an impressive array of documentaries and one of the most well done, thought provoking docs I have watched recently is "The Myth of Pruitt-Igoe."  This documentary details the Pruitt-Igoe housing project that was first occupied in 1954 and the first building demolished in 1972 and the final demolished in 1976.  Pruitt-Igoe is considered by many to be a textbook example of urban decay and the failure of the government's housing project program.

If you get the chance please watch this documentary, I feel it is a very important social commentary that not only presents the housing projects but also introduces the viewers to some amazing people who lived there as children and, as adults, give some pretty heart-felt testimonials to what it was like to live inside of Pruitt-Igoe.  
Some blame the architects for the design of the buildings, claiming that the design was conducive to creating modern slums that replaced the old ones.

        What started as a ambitious project to provide housing for the less fortunate turned into a nightmare...

      But is important to remember that Pruitt-Igoe provided a home for many people during a time when people were living in some of the most unacceptable conditions ever.

 Pruitt Igoe was home, a place where children could safely was a place, that for a time was Utopia.
 The residents of Pruitt-Igoe crossed all ethnicity and races