Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why "Veni, Vidi, Vici?" I am so glad you asked!

Who wrote it? Julius Caesar
Who was he writing to? The Roman Senate
When did he write it? 46 B.C.
Where did he write it? Zela
What does it mean? "I came, I saw, I conquered."
Why did Caesar say it? He was describing his  swift victory against Pharnaces II of Pontus

                       For your listening pleasure while you read the rest of the blog:
         The U. S. Air Force Band plays "Veni, Vidi, Vici" (1896) by Robert Browne Hall

I have known "Veni" for a long time, having first heard it years ago when I was a kid studying Caesar.  Years later, when I was serving at Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, I was presented a mission patch from the "Hammerheads" which read "Veni, Vidi, Vici."  The patch now occupies a special place on my old leather flight jacket.

When I decided to become a runner again I purchased a pink Ipod Shuffle and had "Va, Va Vickie Veni, Vidi, Vici" engraved on the back:

Side note: Re "Va, Va Vickie....years ago, before I joined the Coast Guard and dissapeared for over 24 years, I lived in Texas.  Once of my friends, Ginger Griffin, had a very tiny little brother named Kevin who was around the age of 3 and a tiny little sister, Kellie who was...maybe 2, neither of whom could correctly pronounce my name: they said "Bickie."Their mother, Sharon, would lovingly reply "no, no...it's not Ba, Ba, Ba, Bickie...it's Vickie...Va...Va...Va....Vickie."  Sharon's method worked like a champ and both Kevin and Kellie soon pronounced all of those letter "V's" with much eloquence, clarity, perfect elocution and accurate alliteration. 

PS: If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the blogsite, you will see the very first Veni blog; observe the date...24 July 2010. Today is July 22, 2014...almost 4 years to the day that Veni was born.  Interesting....

Veni, Vidi, Vici Vickie.......maybe.........all over again

I started Veni back in 2010; my life today is nothing like I would have imagined it four years ago.  In 2010 I was married, had retired from the military and was attending college.  My ex spouse and I had grown apart, as much as two people who never really grew together could do.  We met in the service as he was getting ready to retire: I still had 10 years remaining before I could hit my 20 year mark and call it a day.  With the exception of the first two years of marriage, we were hardly ever together...we just never had the opportunity to get to know each others good sides.  I am thankful that the relationship is over.

I can remember when I started this blog, I can also remember the many emotional highs and lows I was experiencing at the time, (mostly lows) that in some manner, influenced my decision to write and also informed how and what I would/should write about.  Blogging became a sort of outlet (when I had the time to do it), a way to communicate with others.

Over these last four years I have earned a Bachelors and Masters Degrees, got divorced, rescued two Mini Schnauzers who are my constant companions, got rid of a lot of stuff (still have even more to get rid of), woke up, made some stupid choices, tried (unsuccessfully) to get back into the dating pool, sent my son off to college, became an empty nester, bought too many pairs of shoes (over half of which I gave away brand new), tried to re-examine Catholicism (not very successful) and now I must find a new place to live.  I love California and want to stay there but it is expensive.  My family all live in Texas; after spending the summer in the Lone Star State I don't think I am a good fit. I am too much of a liberal and radical, the "weirdo" in the family...the rebel rouser, the troublemaker, the alien, the outsider.  I have exactly zero ounces of conservatism in my being, I am about as non-religious and non-traditional as they come.

Veni has served multiple purposes during it's four year existence: a sounding board, a place to vent, a Web 2.0 tool for educational purposes, a gathering place, a hiding place...the list goes on and on.  Likely it will continue to evolve, much like the author will do.  It is here that I will share the experiences and lessons learned from spending summer 2014 in Texas conducting a cosmic walk through of my childhood.  To quote The Dead: "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been" and boy, it's been all kinds of strange!  Every experience, either pleasant or unpleasant, occurred because of choices I made (or didn't).  It's about that attraction thing: what we send out is what we attract.  I know this, I believe it but for some STRANGE reason...I forgot it.  You see, writing this blog made me remember...so many thanks to Veni for serving as a virtual signpost, a as cosmic way-point.  That's two more purposes to add to the list of Veni's varied versatility and purpose.

So here I go blogging.......again.....Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vickie....maybe....all over again!