I Love Amy Winehouse and I am not afraid to admit it!

Amy Winehouse....what a sad story! I love her music...I played Back to Black the other day and I have to say it sounded poignant, funny, funky, beautiful and sad.  If you listen to her first album, "Frank," what you hear is a lovely, talented young jazzy singer in the making.  Those of us who were/are fans of her music (not her lifestyle per se) will undoubtedly wonder what any forthcoming albums may have sounded like...oh yes, 46 year old Grrrrls like me never apologize for liking things outside of age-related convention.  If Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane died, I would be writing this about her instead of Amy Winehouse.  Given that Gracie was born in 1939, I could be writing a similar blog about her in the near future.  I sincerely hope not! Have a great day!


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