A Tale of Two Beautiful Blondes in the "cursed" House of Grimaldi

About a decade ago (or so it seems) I started a series entitled "Icons"....Deneauve, Dorelac, Liz Taylor have made the list but by no means am I keeping it to actresses and movie types, no, no, no...did anyone watch THE OTHER royal wedding last summer?  The one that took place in Monaco, not England?  Supposedly Prince Albert, Grace and Ranier's only son, was accused of fathering yet another child (I think that brings it to 4, maybe five?) out of wedlock.  Not a big deal except when the groom is served a summons to appear for DNA testing the day before the wedding.  If you haven't watched any of the videos, I can tell you, it is sad! Albert's kiss to his bride was totally lame and you can see the pained look on her face..at the center of this marital fiasco is a beautiful young Rhodesian by the name of Charlene Wittstock, now know by her other name: Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene.  She is beautiful, serene and married to a man who appears to suffer with consistent zipper malfunctions.  Al has a stutter and he seems really uncomfortable in his own skin...a characteristic I see growing exponentially larger as his lovely young wife continues to take center stage and steals the spotlight from him, kind of like another beautiful young blonde who stole the spotlight from Prince Ranier 56 years ago...hah! Poor Charlene...supposedly if she doesn't produce an heir, the principality of Monaco will loose its independence and revert to once again being a territory of France....that's a great reason to have a child: for real estate purposes!

Princess Charlene
Princess Grace
A pensive bride...
A pensive bride...
Is that Princess Charlene hiding behind those Foster Grant Sunglasses?
Is that Princess Grace hiding behind those Foster Grant Sunglasses?
Grace struts her stuff in a couture swimsuit...
Charlene struts her stuff in a couture swimsuit...

About that curse: Legend has it that back in the 13th century, Prince Rainier I kidnapped and raped a beautiful maiden, who became a witch to get her revenge. She cursed the prince's family for generations to come, saying, "Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage." Considering how lonely Grace Kelly became, locked away in a castle, it makes one think "hhhmmmmm, is there something there?"  Princesses Caroline and Stephanie have both led troubled lives with multiple relationships and failed marriages between them...they lost their youthful beauty very young...perhaps Caroline's beautiful daughter, Charlotte, will finally break the curse, that is, if anyone believes that kind of malarky now...or is it malarky? You decide!
 A young, beautiful Princess Caroline
Caroline, put that cigarette down! Use sunscreen! Moisturize! What would Grace think?!
A young Princess Stephanie 
      Stephanie, put that cigarette down! Use sunscreen! Moisturize! What would Grace think?!
 Charlotte: Don't smoke, use sunscreen, moisturize!!!!!

 Oh No!!! Charlotte's smoking!  It won't be long before she starts looking  just like Mom and Aunt Steph...what would Grace think?


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